Phi Delta Theta Fraternity

The Phi Delta Theta Fraternity was founded on December 26, 1848 at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio by Robert Morrison, John Wolfe Lindley, Ardivan Walker Rodgers, Andrew Watts Rogers, John McMillan Wilson, and Robert Thompson Drake. These men are known as the "Immortal Six" and established "The Bond," three foundational principles to be adhered to by all members.

The Immortal Six

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Indiana Alpha Chapter

Indiana Alpha was established at Indiana University on October 11, 1849, in the attic of Seward & Dunn a local business at the location of the current Von Lee Theatre on Kirkwood Avenue.  Eventually, the chapter moved to a chapter house at Tenth Street and Jordan Avenue on the site of the current library.  This house was known as the “Country Club” due to its wrap around porch and prominent location overlooking the old football stadium.

In 1955 the chapter moved to its current location on North Jordan Avenue to provide the university with the prior location to build the library.  The Chapter House, nicknamed "The Castle," was designed to harmonize with the beauty of Indiana University's campus and has remained an enduring presence at Indiana University for more than sixty years.

"To Eternity Brothers We'll Be"

When Indiana Alpha of Phi Delta Theta celebrated its Sesquicentennial, it is fitting that the history of the chapter not only was updated but also further investigated and documented. It is not a series of anecdotal stories from the house – we all have our own memories of events (which in most cases should probably best be kept to ourselves) – but an understanding of the history of our chapter.

Indiana Alpha has a proud history of leadership – leadership in education, in government, in the military, in business, and in the personal lives of the alumni and undergraduates. It also has a history of legacy, in men whose last names are repeated throughout its 150 years. Read more here.

The Housing Corporation

Phi Delta Theta Founding Principles

Phi Delta Theta was founded on three key principles; the cultivation of friendship among its members, the acquirement of a high degree of mental culture, and the attainment of a high standard of morality. These principles are central to the integrity and continuance of the Fraternity. These principles are declared in The Bond of Phi Delta Theta, which every member pledges to uphold. This same pledge has been taken by every member since 1848.



When forming Phi Delta Theta, the founders saw inspiration in the friendship enjoyed by the ancient Greeks. They characterized friendship as a unity of skills, tastes and thoughts; not as a loss of personal identity, but rather a search for truth and a desire to be united with others who sought the same.


Sound Learning


This means more than getting good grades; it’s about having intellectual curiosity. The founders saw learning as a search for the truth. The truth was found through intellectual quests. A good student isn’t necessarily one who receives straight A’s; a good student is one who is excited about learning and is driven by knowledge.


Moral Rectitude

Living a life of integrity is closely tied to the other two Cardinal principles. Sometimes, the temptation becomes too strong for one person to handle. Closely knit friendships will help keep him on course. His love of knowledge will lead him to understand and respect other cultures and points of view, even if he does not totally agree with them.