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Indiana Alpha Chapter of Phi Delta Theta

Indiana Alpha SSF, Inc
4622 W 72 Street
Indianapolis, IN 46268

Note: This organization is a 501(c)(3) Public Charity.
Jacobs Pannicke Architects, Inc. (JPA) with their consultant Hoffman Engineers, Inc. (HEI) were commissioned by the Indiana Alpha Student Scholarship Foundation, Inc. to conduct a comprehensive study of the Phi Delta Theta Fraternity House at Indiana University. read more...
Please check out the photo tour of the "Castle" at Indiana Alpha as its renovated.


As Indiana Alpha of Phi Delta Theta celebrates its Sesquicentennial, it is fitting that the history of the chapter not only be updated, but also further investigated and documented. It is not a series of anecdotal stories from the house – we all have our own memories of events (which in most cases should probably best be kept to ourselves) – but an understanding of the history of our chapter.

Indiana Alpha has a proud history of leadership – leadership in education, in government, in the military, in business, and in the personal lives of the alumni and undergraduates. It also has a history of legacy, in men whose last names are repeated throughout its 150 years. read more...


Rebuilding the "Castle"

View a PDF Rendering of the Patio Concept

View Pictures of the Patio Progress

Patio Rip Out 1 Patio Concrete Pour 1
Patio Rip Out 2 Patio Concrete Pour 2
Landscape 1 Patio Concrete Pour 3
Landscape 2  
Landscape 3  

"The Bond of Phi Delta Theta" which every member admitted to the Fraternity pledges himself to uphold.
Health & Wellness
IU fitness expert Carol Kennedy's friends helped her celebrate her pending nuptials last year in Hawaiian style. read more ...
The Greatest Intramural Event
The Little 500 stands alone. How many other intramural's have inspired an Oscar-winning film (Breaking Away) and been shown on ESPN?



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